Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Elk Creek Trail

 November 8, 2020

With Autumn in all it's glory due to colder temps and rain/snow, we took Katie and ventured out to the Elk Creek trail just past Shady Cove.  It is one of our favorite Autumn hikes and today provided many of the reasons that it is.

One of the frosty bridges to start our hike

Elk Creek with a reflection

When we started our hike it was a brisk 38 degrees but the sun was out (most of the time) along with blue skies (most of the time).  We started at the Yellow Rock TH and began by crossing two frost covered bridges before accessing the paved Elk Creek trail.

Autumn colors in the distance with a dusting of snow.

One of the shaded hillsides dusted with snow

Cows grazing at the trailhead

Curious cows along the trail

The surrounding mountains had a dusting of snow, autumn yellow and red coloring, and many portions of the paved trail were covered in leaves.  Portions were also covered with cow pies and we soon found the cows who were just as curious about us as we were of them.

Glenn and Katie pause near Seven Mile Bend

Pinecones on evergreens still abound

What a view!

The fallen leaves of Autumn

We hiked out to the Seven Mile Bend area along Elk Creek and took side trails a couple of times to see the creek, then looped around to hike the road back to the TH for 8.5 miles.  We did get to see a Golden Eagle and a pair of Bald Eagles on the hike out.

A leaf dam along Elk Creek










The Glory of Autumn!

Autumn yellow along Elk Creek









For Katie this was a dream hike --- no leash, dip in Elk Creek 3 times, chase a squirrel, see cows, and roll in the frost/snow.  She slept all afternoon when we got home and probably dreamed that she caught the squirrel.


Katie says "what a hike!"

It was a beautiful hike and hopefully we will get to enjoy many more Autumns along Elk Creek.  On the way home we got Philly Cheese Steak sandwiches at the Picnic Basket Deli in Shady Cove (located inside the Shady Cove Fly Shop) and tried some Buffalo Meat Sliders from the new Bison Junction store in Shady Cove.  Maybe we napped with Katie in the afternoon too, but we're not telling.

Trekking Together

Glenn and Carol

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Views from Touvelle State Park

We made a short trip to TouVelle State Park recently and took some pictures of the Autumn landscape at the State Park.  Thought we would post of few for your viewing pleasure.  Enjoy.

Trekking Together

Glenn & Carol

Rogue RIver Trail @ Lost Creek Lake

 September 27,  2020

Over the last couple of months our hikes have consisted of shorter and more local hikes mainly due to the heat, smoke from fires, and some family issues.  Now that Autumn has arrived, we are hoping that those issues will fade like the leaves on the trees and we can get out to some new and old hikes that we enjoy.

Time for some Autumn hiking!


Lost Creek Lake from the trail

Some unique Autumn color

So today we made a couple of stops and then arrived at the Rogue River TH at the Takelma Boat Launch area of Lost Creek Lake.  Even though it was mid-morning by the time we started, we still trekked out a ways past the Lost Creek TH for a total hike of 10.2 miles.


Looking across an inlet at where we would be in an hour or so.

One of the 10 bridges we crossed

We enjoyed the views of Lost Creek Lake (levels are very low), the smell of the woods, and especially the shady parts of the trail as we crossed 10 bridges - no water under the bridge at this time of year.

A little note along the trail.

One last look at Lost Creek Lake

After a nice quiet break at our turnaround spot, we  trekked back to our car and even saw a few colors of Autumn.  Hopefully cooler weather and some rain will come soon so that those Autumn colors will become even more common and beautiful.

Trekking Together

Glenn & Carol