Saturday, July 7, 2018

Laramie Mural Project

July 1, 2018

On our last full day in Laramie, Wyoming, we did a walking tour through the downtown area to see the various murals that are part of the Laramie Mural Project.   This wasn't a "hike", but we thought you might want to see some of these amazing paintings and learn a little bit about the project.  The project was started back in 2011 and to date there are 30+ murals.  To learn more about the project, click here and you will go to their website where you can access more information and details.  Below are some of the pictures we took on this 1-hour walking tour.  Let us know your favorite.

Trekking Together
Glenn & Carol

#1 of 2

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Panorama of two walls

Friday, July 6, 2018

Turtle Rock Trail

June 30, 2018

Last time we visited Laramie, Wyoming, we hiked in the Vedauwoo Recreational Area along the Turtle Rock Trail.  We enjoyed it so much, that we made a point of hiking the same trail again on this visit with our daughter Maggie.

Time for another great hike!

Turtle Rock
The Vedauwoo Recreational Area is part of the Medicine Bow National Forest, but unlike a "forest", it consists of groups of unique granite rock formations.  One of the most famous being Turtle Rock. Legend states that the rocks were piled up by playful spirits and later the many nooks and crannies served as hideouts for western outlaws. Today many rock climbers practice their trade in the area and we saw a few during our hike.  Here are some of the "rock" pictures from our hike.

Ok, have to this Alfred Hitchcock or George Washington?

The 3.7 mile loop did not take long to hike, but when combined with picture taking and all the oohs and ahhs, it did take a few hours.  The best part about this loop trail is that you not only see various rock formations, but you also are treated to trails lined with wildflowers, marsh/pond areas where moose are sometimes seen, and other portions of the trail are rock or have a high desert feel.  A one word description for this trail (beside awesome) is "variety".  The Turtle Rock Trail has a little bit of everything and we once again really enjoyed this hike.

Our daughter Maggie leading the way on the trail

Trail shot

Wild Rose

One of the pond/marsh areas where moose can lurk
Having had some pretty hot temperatures over the past few days, our hike at Vedauwoo saw temps in the 60's and we finished our hike just as the rain storm started.  That's what we call great timing for a great hike! Of course after hiking the Turtle Rock Trail, we just had to go to the Turtle Rock Coffee & Cafe back in Laramie to sample their drinks and food.  That was just as good as the hike!

Trekking Together
Glenn & Carol

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Lakes Trail #296 & Miners Cabin Trail

June 29, 2018

On our recent visit to Wyoming, we took a day and drove up to the Snowy Range in the Medicine Bow National Forest to hike a couple of short trails.  This area is beautiful, even more so in person than any pictures can ever show. Plus there are many points of access and trailhead options.  What a beautiful, beautiful area to hike!

Mirror Lake

Time to hike
After parking in a small pullout area, we hiked a paved path to Mirror Lake.  From the picnic area it was just a short walk on the road to the Lakes Trail #296 TH.  The beginning elevation is around 10,000 feet, so we weren't sure how far we could hike since high altitudes tend to affect Glenn.

View of lake with Medicine Bow Mountains

Trail shot with view of the lake

One of many rock cairns along the trail

What a view!
As we made our way along the trail, we encountered segments of snow along the hills and lakes, but were also treated to numerous swaths of wildflowers.  Add to that mix the Medicine Bow Mountains looming above the lakes with plenty of snow and you get one incredible view throughout this hike.  Here are a few pictures of the wildflowers we saw.

We hiked along the trail until we were at about 11,000 feet and decided to turn around.  You can hike about 2.7 miles along this trail and reach Medicine Bow Peak, but the elevation started to affect Glenn so we made the 1.5 mile mark the turnaround point.  Regardless, it was an amazing hike with so much beauty!

Maggie and Chad

Carol and Glenn
After leaving that TH, we drove a few miles down the road to another trail at a lower elevation, the Miners Cabin trail.  This short loop trail took us to an old cabin that unfortunately had caved in over the winter.

Hike #2

The Miners Cabin -- a fixer upper!
 It also featured remains of the Red Mask Mine.  Along the trail there were information plaques that provided historical insights as well as information on the terrain and animals that make up this area.

The Red Mask Mine entrance area

View of Miners Cabin trail

More beautiful flowers

Even though we hiked under 4 miles for the day, we had run out of time and had worked up quiet the appetite.  As we drove back to Laramie, we stopped in the historic town of Centennial for lunch.  As we pulled up at the Mountain View Historic Hotel & Cafe, we found that they were just closing for the day. Bummer.....but wait, the owners, Mike and Kat, decided to stay open just for us!  We must have looked famished! A BIG THANKS to owners Mike and Kat!!!!  By the way, the food was delicious.  Glenn had the sirloin burger and said it was the best burger he has ever eaten.  If you make your way to Centennial, Wyoming, be sure to check out the Mountain View Cafe for a meal -- you'll love it too. If you want to stay in Centennial, they also have 6 rooms available.

So with full stomachs to go with tired legs, we headed back into Laramie.  But this was not the last of our hikes.  Up next, the Turtle Rock Trail in the Vedauwoo Recreational Area.

Trekking Together
Glenn & Carol