Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Upper Table Rock and Beyond

November 11, 2018

We have hiked both Upper and Lower Table Rocks here in Southern Oregon many times.  However this year we had hiked only Lower Table Rock and that twice.  So it was time to show a little love to Upper Table Rock and combined with beautiful Autumn sunshine, it made for a great hike.

A sign of things to come......

Since we have been up the trail many times, we decided to hike as quickly as we could up the 700 foot elevation gain -- 1.25 mile trail to the plateau.  Our time -- 28 minutes.  Once at the top we headed out along a "sort of" trail that leads to the VORTAC (very high frequency omnidirectional range aviation tower) which is operated by the Federal Aviation Administration since the 1960's.  In our previous hikes we have never hiked out to this sight -- till now.  The trail added another 1.5 miles to our hike so that we finished at about 5.5 miles total.

Heading out to the VORTAC on the "sort of" trail

The VORTAC.....aaaahhhhh....oooohhhh
After oooohs and awwwws at the FAA wonder, we hiked back to the main trail and enjoyed views of the surrounding area and a snow-less Mt McLoughlin --- or Mt Pitt to you old timers.

Heading back down the trail as the sun begins to go down.
Enjoyed the hike back down to the parking lot with views of the surrounding properties in Autumn color and found the lot still full of cars just like it was when we arrived.  Not surprised considering the beautiful weather we are enjoying.

Trekking Together
Glenn and Carol

Sunday, October 28, 2018

ART 400

October 27, 2018

From the posting title, you might think is about some College course.  Instead our last hike and 10th of this month, was along the East ART (Applegate Ridge Trail) on one of those sunny and windy Autumn days. It also put us over the 400 mile mark for the year -- a first ever for us.

We started at the main trailhead off Sterling Creek Road and since there are now mile markers along the trail, we hiked out to mile 3 and back for a beautiful 6 mile hike. Along the way we were treated to great views of the Applegate Valley while being surrounded by the Autumn colors of Oaks and high dry grasses, some as tall as us. The wind would come up every now and then providing us with a shower of leaves across the trail.  Great hike with great Autumn beauty.  Here are a few pictures for your viewing enjoyment.  Hope you are getting out to enjoy Autumn too.

Trekking Together
Glenn & Carol

Trail through the dry grasses of Autumn
Spooky tree along the trail

Views, views, views

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Autumn Colors

October 21 ,2018

We have done many hikes in this our favorite season, Autumn.  Since many of these hikes are local we have not been taking pictures or posting about them on our site, but instead have just been enjoying the sights while on the trail.  Places like the Jacksonville Woodland Trails, Elk Creek, Cathedral Hills Park, Valley of the Rogue SP and Prescott Park are a few of great hiking areas that are close by where we can go to enjoy hiking and at this time of year, the Autumn beauty.  As you can see from our hiking miles counter, we are almost to 400 miles on the year.

We did hike a portion of the Rogue River Trail at Lost Creek Lake a few weeks ago and took a few pictures. You can see our write up on the same hike under our March postings of this year.  Hope you enjoy the pictures, but better yet, take some time to walk or hike in your neighborhood, local park, or out in the woods and enjoy the beauty of Autumn before it is gone.

Trekking Together
Glenn & Carol

A view of some changing color on a nearby hill.

View across an inlet from the trail to where we would be hiking in an hour or so.

The turtle we met on the hiking trail.

View of Lost Creek Lake and Rogue River Trail