Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Views from Touvelle State Park

We made a short trip to TouVelle State Park recently and took some pictures of the Autumn landscape at the State Park.  Thought we would post of few for your viewing pleasure.  Enjoy.

Trekking Together

Glenn & Carol

Rogue RIver Trail @ Lost Creek Lake

 September 27,  2020

Over the last couple of months our hikes have consisted of shorter and more local hikes mainly due to the heat, smoke from fires, and some family issues.  Now that Autumn has arrived, we are hoping that those issues will fade like the leaves on the trees and we can get out to some new and old hikes that we enjoy.

Time for some Autumn hiking!


Lost Creek Lake from the trail

Some unique Autumn color

So today we made a couple of stops and then arrived at the Rogue River TH at the Takelma Boat Launch area of Lost Creek Lake.  Even though it was mid-morning by the time we started, we still trekked out a ways past the Lost Creek TH for a total hike of 10.2 miles.


Looking across an inlet at where we would be in an hour or so.

One of the 10 bridges we crossed

We enjoyed the views of Lost Creek Lake (levels are very low), the smell of the woods, and especially the shady parts of the trail as we crossed 10 bridges - no water under the bridge at this time of year.

A little note along the trail.

One last look at Lost Creek Lake

After a nice quiet break at our turnaround spot, we  trekked back to our car and even saw a few colors of Autumn.  Hopefully cooler weather and some rain will come soon so that those Autumn colors will become even more common and beautiful.

Trekking Together

Glenn & Carol

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Upper Rogue River Trail #1034 - Natural Bridge to Takelma Gorge

July 8, 2020

We continued with our "wandering Wednesdays" this week with a trip to the Union Creek area.  We took Katie and drove to and parked in the Natural Bridge Day Use area to hike a section of the Upper Rogue River  #1034 trail.

Time to hike on a "wandering" Wednesday

View of the Natural Bridge area
 After taking a short hike to view the Natural Bridge area from the man-made bridge over the Rogue River, we began our trek south along the Upper Rogue River trail.  We hiked past Knob Falls, through the Woodruff Bridge area and made our way to our turnaround point, Takelma Gorge.

Lots of Prince's Pine on this hike

Takelma Gorge, our lunch and turnaround point
Along the way we had great views of the beautiful Rogue River, saw a pair of doe's with fawns along the shoreline, osprey and blue heron flying along the river, and were treated to lots of Prince's Pine, Twin Flowers, Wintergreen, Candystick, Wild Roses and Horsemint too.

The beautiful Rogue River

The section from Natural Bridge to Woodruff Bridge did have a number of trees across the trail due to lack of trail maintenance this year, and on the section from Woodruff Bridge to Takelma Gorge we had a few sections of trail that were completely overgrown with shrubs.  Made for some interesting navigation.

Tree blockage along the trail.....

....and overgrown shrubs on other sections of trail.

At Takelma Gorge we took a nice break on some stone ledges to enjoy the sound and view of this area.  We only saw a few other hikers throughout our trek.  Weather was great, although towards the end of our 10.5 mile hike the temps were starting to get up in the low 80's and by then were we tired.  Still it was a great day & an incredible hike along a beautiful river.  Beats work anytime!

Trekking Together
Glenn and Carol