Monday, January 14, 2019

Mountain on the Rogue

January 12, 2019

After reading about the Mountain of the Rogue trails from fellow hiker Boots on the Trail, we ventured over to the city of Rogue River on a 65 degree winter day to test out the climb on these relatively new trails --- brand new to us.

Time to hike some new trails!
We arrived mid-morning and since there was only one other car in the parking lot, the trails were not crowded - yet.  Since some portions of the trails are hiking & biking, we kept an eye out for the bikers but only encountered two cyclists heading up to Tin Pan Peak.  Since it was uphill, it was easy to see them coming up behind us and move over while they slowly climbed past us.

Which side is the Darkside?  I can't feel the force!

Looking up at far away Tin Pan Peak
It was about 3.5 miles from the parking lot up to Tin Pan Peak via the Rat Pack and Darkside trails. The Darkside trial was nice as it took us through a rather forested section of trail and gave us a few views of Mt McLoughlin.  Unfortunately there was not much of a view once we arrived at the end of that trail and the top of Tin Pan Peak.  It also seems that sunny winter days are the best time to burn yard/trash waste and so the sight and smell of burning was in the air and in our view.

It's still Christmas on the trail.

Getting close....

Tin Pan Peak. The BLM should remove whatever this is and add some benches.

We backtracked on the Darkside and Rat Pack trails till we reached the Sasquatch trail (love that name) and headed downhill on numerous long switchbacks.  It was here that we ran into (not literally) cyclists going uphill and downhill.    We kept our eyes and ears open and were able to get us and Katie out of the way without any collisions.  Please note, the cyclists did let us know they were coming when they could and one even had a cowbell on their bike.

View of Sasquatch trail from the Rat Pack trail.

Can Sasquatch be difficult?

Looking back as we make our way down the Sasquatch trail

The hike came in around 7.6 miles for us and we were hot and tired when finished, but it felt good to get in a longer hike.  The entire parking lot was full when we finished our hike, so these trials are well used which is great.  One other note, the warmer weather brought out the ticks (yes, even in January) and we did pick them off our clothes as we hiked.  When we got home both Katie and Glenn were inspected further and additional ticks were removed -- both patients survived.

Trekking Together
Glenn & Carol

Sunday, January 6, 2019

2019 Hiking Begins

January 5, 2019

As the new year begins, we look forward to getting out and hiking old and new trails throughout the year.  In 2018 we hiked more times (90), more miles (465.3), more long hikes of 10+ miles or 4 hours (6) and our average miles per hike even surpassed our previous personal best too.  We traveled out to Wyoming to visit our daughter and got to hike in the Snowy Mountains again and we checked off another of Oregon's 7 Wonders when we visited and hiked at Smith Rock State Park.

Snowy Mountains

Smith Rock State Park
In 2019 we hope to make a few trips to the coast where we plan to hike Floras Lake, Cape Perpetua, and more of the Oregon Coast Trail (OCT).  With the year only 5 days old, we have already been out hiking 3 times, although all were relatively short hikes.

On January 1 we hiked at Touvelle State Park. The trail took us along the Rogue River and Little Butte Creek.  Then we did a quick 1 hour hike at the Jacksonville Woodland Trails one day after Glenn got off work.  We basically hiked till it was dark which comes early this time of year.

Today we hiked at Prescott Park as we tried to get a hike in before some winter storms arrived.  As we hiked the Manzanita Trail up to the top of Roxy Ann, the wind preceding the storms hit and it felt like we were hiking at the coast.  Needless to say, we did not stop and take many pictures for fear of being blown off the trail or having a tree blown on top of us, but we did get one short of an old Oak tree along the Manzanita trail that didn't seem to mind the wind at all.

Old oak along the Manzanita trail at Prescott Park
On the hike back to our car the winds really picked up and a few times we could not even step forward as the wind blew some gusts at an estimated 60 mph.  We found that Katie doesn't like hiking in the wind as the extreme gusts made her really pull to get back to the car.

As the year goes on we hope to share our adventures with  you and look forward to hearing your comments and questions.  Hopefully you set a goal to get out and walk or hike in 2019.  In which case we look forward to hearing of your adventures.

Trekking Together
Glenn & Carol

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Jacksonville Forest Park

November 17, 2018

With a forecast of rain in the near future, we took advantage of another beautiful sunshine day with blue sky to get out and enjoy what may be the last color of Autumn.  Nearby Jacksonville Forest Park was our destination as we set out to hike up to the Upper Peak lookout.

The sign says it all.  Richard, this sign is for you.
We began at the P-1 parking area and hiked up the Ol' Miners trail, up the Owl Hoot trail, up the Twin Peaks trail (notice a trend here?), and finally up the Upper Peaks trail where after an hour-and-a-half of uphilll hiking for 3.3 miles, we could stop, sit down on a bench, and take in the view of the valley.

One of the very nice park shelters on the way up to Upper Twin Peak

View from Upper Twin Peak lookout

Although there was a little smoke haze from the fire in Northern California, it was still a great view and we enjoyed the silence with an occasional breeze that would blow an oak leaf or two past us.  Katie on the other hand, is always impatient when we stop and unless food is involved, is ready to hit the trail.  So out came a few biscuits to soothe the savage beast.

Autumn color and blue sky!
We could have hiked the same route back to the car, but instead we hiked over to the Canyon Falls trail and then the Norling trail to enjoy some last Autumn color in the trees and along the trail.  We have really enjoyed seeing the color on our many Autumn hikes this year and will be sad to see it go.

One last view of Autumn color.
Hope you had a chance to get out and enjoy the Autumn color too. Next up, winter hiking.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Trekking Together
Glenn and Carol