Friday, October 18, 2019

Postcards from Valley of the Rogue State Park

October 18, 2019

With Autumn in full swing here in Southern Oregon, we headed over to nearby Valley of the Rogue State Park after work to take in more sights while doing a quick hike.  If you don't like hiking or don't have a lot of time to walk, Valley of the Rogue State Park offers free day use parking and has a paved bike path and nice 1 mile trail along the Rogue River where you walk and enjoy the outdoors.  Click on the link above to access the trail and park maps. Our hike today went through the camping loops, along the Rivers Edge trail, and along some of the bike path for 3.2 miles.  Give it a try sometime and if you have time now, get there before the Autumn colors are gone.  Check out our "postcards" from today's outing.

Trekking Together
Glenn and Carol

Along the Rivers Edge trail

View of hills across the I-5 
Campground loop

More campground loop Autumn color

One of the trees that has shed all it's leaves already

One of our favorite large Autumn yellow trees in the park

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Elk Creek Trail

October 13, 2019

It has been a while since we last posted a hike, but we have definitely been out hiking a lot.  We crossed the 400 mile mark a few weeks ago and are now on track to hit 500+ miles by the end of the year.  A lot of our hikes have been familar local ones over the last month or two, but since it is Autumn, we had to post some pictures of our most recent hike of the Elk Creek Trail which we did this past Sunday.

Time for another great Autumn hike!
We have a listing of our favorite trails or places to hike for Autumn and try to get in as many hikes as possible at this time of year to take the beauty that is Autumn.  Elk Creek is one of those trail and it was a nice 8 mile hike by vast meadows now turned to Autumn colors with many trees doing the same.  Blue sky, sunshine, beautiful day!

Elk Creek at the first side trail.

One of many meadows now turning to Autumn colors

We took a break at the 7 Mile Bend area along Elk Creek which was our turnaround point, but Katie was not allowed to take a plunge into the creek due to having had a bath recently.  

View along the Elk Creek trail - an old paved road.
On our return trip we stopped by a few of the apple trees along the trail and picked a dozen or so to take home --- they were small, but delicious!  A nice way to finish off a great hike in Autumn.

Small but very delicious apples for the picking!
Trekking Together
Glenn & Carol

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Heceta Head Lighthouse Loop Trail

August 14, 2019.

On our last full day of camping at Carl G Washburne SP, we hiked a loop trail that begins at the campground.  Our hike began with the Valley Trail which wanders through the woods for almost 1.5 miles parallel to highway 101.  There are a couple of meadows which Elk are known to visit, but none were sighted on our hike.  Eventually the trail intersects and crosses Highway 101 which can make for an interesting game of Frogger.  Once across we headed south and the trail (part of the Oregon Coast Trail) became the Heceta Head Lighthouse Trail.  As with most coastal hikes in Oregon, our trail went up and down and had lots of switchbacks as it navigates the Oregon Coast terrain.  This section also had lots of deep ruts and plenty of wooden steps, mostly to help with erosion, that created an additional challenge.  In all there were about 100 steps up heading out to the lighthouse and thus 100 more steps down on the return trip.  Made working out on a StairMaster seem like a piece of cake.  We also ran into clouds/fog for the first time on our hikes which translated to raindrops when the wind would blow the trees.  After about 1.5 miles we arrived at the Heceta Head Lighthouse and took time to enjoy the view of lighthouse, Devil's Elbow rock, the coast,  and we walked to and visited the gift shop.  When we headed out we retraced our hike along the Heceta Head Lighthouse Trail but instead of returning on the Valley Trail, we made a left and took the short Hobbit Beach Trail down to the beach and then hiked along the beach till we reached the State Park beach access trail.  In all our loop was 7.6 miles and over our 4 night stay at Carl G Washburne SP we were able to hike just over 35 miles.  Now we'll have to go back to work to rest up.

Trekking Together
Glenn & Carol

Time for another hike!

Like most Oregon Coast Hikes there are uphills and downhills with plenty of ferns!

One of our ocean viewpoints without a view today

Heceta Head Lighthouse finally comes into view from the trail.

Heceta Head Lighthouse

A thistle still in bloom along the coast

View of Devil's Elbow from the lighthouse

View of return hike with clouds/fog along the Oregon Coast Trail

This log was here when we hiked this trail in 2010, just aged a little bit like us.

Last junction as we head down to Hobbit Beach and return to camp