View from the East Applegate Ridge Trail

View from the East Applegate Ridge Trail
View from the East Applegate Ridge Trail

Monday, October 9, 2017

Prescott Park - More New Trails

October 8, 2017

As the beautiful Autumn weather continues, we headed up to Prescott Park only to discover a few more brand new trails.  Seems like every time we visit, there's a new trail.  And as any hiker knows, a new trail means just one thing - it's time to hike!

New sign for a new trail - junction of Twilight and Deer Trails
We parked at the second gate and began by hiking the Twilight trail along the ridge.  We hiked along this trail about a year ago when it was brand new with no trail sign, no name, and when we had no idea where it would lead.  But this time around we hiked on it for just a mile before arriving at one of the two new connecting trails - the Deer trail.

View along Twilight trail with Rogue Valley in view
Trail sign posts were up and we made a right turn and headed uphill.  The Deer trail is only a half mile long but does give you some nice views towards Little Roxy Ann and the Table Rocks.

Large Madrone along one of the new trails
We soon arrived where a trail heads off to the right but has no sign post.  Having consulted the kiosk, we knew this was part of the new CCC Historic Trail.  But the portion to the right has not been completed yet, so we continued on as the trail changes from the Deer Trail to the CCC Historic Trail without you even knowing it.

The new Equestrian trail or road
Eventually the CCC Historic Trail will be a connector trail from the Loop Road out to the new Equestrian trail.  But for now we hiked another half mile or so on the CCC Historic trail till the it t-bones into the new Equestrian trail.  Since we didn't have a lot of time to hike this morning, we turned right onto the Equestrian trail and headed back to the loop road.  A left turn here would allow you to hike the entire Equestrian trail which is a couple of miles of trail.

Sunshine and blue skies were abundant

A couple of deer trying to hide in the grass.
Once back to the loop road, we hike clockwise till we found the Greenhorn Trialhead and hiked the descending switchbacks back to our car.  A nice loop hike of just under 5 miles.

View of Roxy Ann from loop road.
We may head back to Prescott Park before the end of the year to see if more new trails have been made.  If there are no new trails, we may try to hike the entire Equestrian trail to see what it is like. Be sure to check out the new 2017 brochure on the link at the beginning of this post for the latest trail information and if you live in the area, get out and try some of these new trails.

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