Sunday, September 18, 2016

Lower Table Rock -- End of Summer

September 18, 2016

Five months may not seem like a long time in the grand scheme of things, but in the realm of nature, five months can dramatically change a landscape.

Back in April we hiked Lower Table Rock and were greeted by an incredible display of wildflowers, one that we had never seen on Lower or Upper Table Rock before.  Just go back to our April posting on that hike and you will see the vast fields containing thousands of flowers.  But that was five months ago and now it is September.  So when we arrived at the top of Lower Table Rock on our most recent hike, it was quite a contrast to our hike in April.  Though still beautiful in it's own way, the colors of Spring flowers had now faded and were replaced with dried grasses on the plateau.  Below is a pictorial comparison of a few views at the top of Lower Table Rock between our April and September hikes.

View upon arrival on the plateau in April........

......and the view in September

Vast fields with thousands of flowers in April.......

....are now flowerless with dried grasses in September.

The plateau trail in April......

....and now in September

Don't get us wrong, we still enjoyed our hike.  Each season with it's colors and unique aspects adds to the fun of hiking and makes nature what it is.

View of Upper Table Rock from Lower Table Rock

A hot summer hike under blue skies with white waves of clouds.
 But as Summer comes to a close, we look forward to Autumn and the return of color in the form of yellow, orange and red.  Each year we try to get out and hike a few trails that feature the short lived Autumn foilage here in Southern Oregon.  The cooler weather and fewer people along the trails also allows you the time to just take in the sights, relax, and enjoy the views, sounds and smells of the outdoors. We'll do our best to try and share those hikes and sights with you, but why not get our yourself and enjoy first-hand what we think is the best season of the year, Autumn.

Trekking Together
Glenn & Carol