Monday, December 18, 2017

Enchanted Forest & Felton Memorial Trail

December 17, 2017

As the year is closing out, we looked back at the hikes we've done this year and realized that very few were "new"  hikes, ones that we had never done before.  So with Glenn getting a rare day off and no rain in the forecast, we took Katie and headed out to the Applegate Valley to hike not just one, but two new trails.

Time for a new hike!
The Enchanted Forest trail is an out and back hike totalling around 3.4 - 4.0 miles, depending on when  you stop and start back.  During the spring there are fields where wildflowers abound, but not on this December day.  Instead most of our trail, especially up through the canyon, was covered in fallen leaves.   The trail worked it's way slowly uphill in the canyon before taking a left turn where the trail became very steep up to a saddle with a 3-way intersection.  It was at this point that we turned around although there are options for going a little further.

It was cold, but sometimes that adds to the beauty of a hike.

Old rusted & abandoned truck at the half mile mark.

Leaf covered trail.

We were treated again to the trail of leaves which were interrupted at times by groupings of bright green ferns and mixed with various large moss covered trees.  When we came to the trail intersection with the Felton Memorial trail, we took a left turn and headed out on this 1.5 mile trail.

On to the next new trail.

Lots of bright green ferns

The Felton Memorial plaque

This trail offered a little more variety as the trail had ups and downs and wound itself around various ridges and canyons.  Once we arrived at the memorial, we took a few minutes to enjoy the silence and refuel for the hike back.  The memorial is to three BLM workers who died in a helicopter crash at this location while doing a logging operation in 1993.

Autumn decorations

View along the Felton Memorial trail

Loop portion of Enchanted Forest trail -- where's the forest?

Once back to the Enchanted Forest trail, we turned off and hiked the loop portion back to the trailhead.  It featured another meadow area that will probably be full of wildflowers in the spring.

Looking up at all the trees along the trail
 We enjoyed our 7.1 mile hike and it felt great to hike a new trail and enjoy the beauty and quietness that comes with the season.  This hike also helped us break our record for most miles hiked in a year. Hopefully we will get out another time or two.  Till then, have a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year.

Trekking Together
Glenn & Carol

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