Monday, December 12, 2016

Rogue River Greenway - Rivers Edge Trail

December 11, 2016

With all the recent rains, fighting illnesses, and Glenn's busy time at work, we haven't got out to hike as often as we would like, but we hit the 300 mile mark for the third year in a row when we hiked the Rogue River Greenway and Rivers Edge Trail at theValley of the Rogue State Park.

Time for another hike!!
We parked in the Valley of the Rogue Rest Area and walked down to the paved Rogue River Greenway to begin our hike.  We hiked along the Greenway towards the State Park till we came to the intersection with the Rivers Edge Trail off to the left..  We have hiked this trail many times and enjoy the fact that you hike along the Rogue River and get treated to many views as well as access trails down to the rivers edge.  On our hike today we were treated to views of three Blue Herons along the shore, but were unable to get a real good picture.

HIking along the Rogue River Greenway

Can you see the Blue Heron across the river?  Rivers edge in front of the second tree acorss the river.

Beavers are still busy this time of year!

After about a mile, the Rivers Edge Trail rejoins the Rogue River Greenway and heads outside the State Park  boundaries and towards the town of Rogue River and Grants Pass.  Today we hiked almost to Rogue River before turning around and retaracing out steps back to the rest stop and our car.

Autumn leaves are gone, but still pretty.
Along the way we were treated to views of the river, some nice foreested sections, and a display of multiple rock cairns alongside the trail.  We did meet a few other hikers out today and some folks bicycling the Greenway despite the cold and cloudy weather.

One the many birdhouses along the Greenway

Scary beaver mile marker!

One of the carins along the Greenway

The hardest part about today's hike was hiking next to the campground at the State Park and smelling the campfires, wishing we could join some folks at their campsite!!  It was great to get out again and as mentioned earlier, to get to the 300 mile mark.

300 MILES written out on the Greenway!!

The fast, high and murky Rogue River
There are still a few weeks left in the year and we are hoping to get out and hike a few more times to add to the mileage total.  Then it will be 2017 and time to start over again on a whole new set of hiking adventures and miles.  We can hardly wait!

Trekking Together
Glenn & Carol

Roxy Ann/Prescott Park - The New Nameless Trail Revisited

November 13, 2016

Back in August we hiked a brand new trail in the Prescott Park area that offers an alternative to hiking the paved and gravel roads through the park.  Being new, it still had no name and is part of an expansion of Prescott Park that will include more trails, parking and other facilities.  Having hiked the new trail beginning at the second gate, we decided to revisit the trail and hike it in the opposite direction.

What?  Where is the fun in not hiking in the mud!!!
We began by hiking the road a short distance past the second gate till we found the Madrone Trail sign and turned right to head up, up, up and yes up this short but steep trail. At the top of the trail we met the king of the Madrones overlooking his namesake trail.

King of the Madrones overlooking his namesake trail.
The Madrone trail is a connector trail between the roads, so we made a right at the road intersection and hiked the road till we found the Nameless Trail turnoff on the right.  With recent rains there were portions of the trail that were muddy, so this might be a trail to avoid during or right after rains when the roads provide a better alternative.  However, if  you enjoy mud, then you will enjoy this trail as we did for the second time.

One of the muddy sections of the Nameless Trail

Through the Manzanita's we go!!

There are great views of the surrounding areas and the trail takes you through a forrested section as well as through a maze of Manzanita.  We were also treated to great views of Little Roxy Ann before starting our climb up the switchbacks and to the end of the trail.

Great views of Little Roxy Ann

View up towards Roxy Ann near the end of the Nameless Trail
Although this is a short 5.5 mile hike, we are glad to have this Nameless Trail as another alternative when hiking at Prescott Park and look forward to seeing what other trails are created.  We'll keep you posted.

Trekking Together
Glenn & Carol